Retun Calc Strategy?

Just took the '07. I had to give myself a 0 out of 12 on the return calc for #1. I was wondering, how do you grade yourself for these? If its wrong in the end are you giving yourself a complete zero? I’m wondering if, since I concluded that I’ll never get one of these right, I should just try putting a million calculations on the page to try to get some points? Will this work?

nobody else has a strategy for salvaging something more than a zero on the return calc? Kind of the most important thing in my mind relative to all of the other minutiae we can hash over. -Lurker

I failed L3 last year and reviewed the test for the first time today. There were defintely questions I blew last year like attribution, but I had a lot of correct answers too. In review on my scores, which were mostly 50-70, I have concluded I got a lot of the right answers but they didn’t like my reasons. T That’s the subjective part of the test, because there are a lot justifiable reasons for any answer. With the much lower pass rate, I wonder if it was not a regime change that they are going to be scricter with the scoring. Thus, I don’t think there is much hope for partial credit. At least I would list both arithmetic and geometric on the test to possibly get some points there.