Return Calculations - Part Marks

Here’s a thought: CFAI awards part marks, correct? We are all killing ourselves over understanding the nuances of how to calculate required return for individuals in a multitude of situations, when even the CFA past mocks appear to contradict each other. Isn’t it likely that we would all get most of the marks, so long as we calculate the required cash flow, investable assets correctly, do a factor for tax and a factor for inflation? If you mess up the inflation or tax (by doing them earlier in the process vs later, or vice versa), they aren’t going to give 0 marks, correct?

yes, you will get part marks for sure. my guess is that lets say is a 10 mark question, you get a some marks for getting the correct investable assets, a few more marks for calculation the correct inflow/outflow for the year, a few more for adding inflation and so forth.