Return Objective - To put numeric value or not to put

Hey guys. So running through the past exams - 2010’s (1b) answer key has numeric values supporting the return objectives. But in 2009 (1a) and 2008 (1a and 1d) they just describe their goals without giving numeric values.

What are you planning to do if there is a risk objective question this year? I for one don’t really think the numeric values are necessary since the return obective question is almost always followed by the calculation of required return.

If they just ask for Return Objective, it’s probably only going to be for 4 marks followed by a " Calculate" return question for 8 marks. So they probably just need the verbiage on Q1 and number on Q2

In the answer key to Schweser Practice Exams Vol 2, Exam 3, Question 1 they address this issue directly. It appears that at some point CFAI realized they had been confusing candidates and so are now more explicit with their command words. You will probably get formulate (use words) followed by calculate (use numbers). They will be clearly separated. Or at least that is how Schweser sees it.

That is helpful, thank you dapoopa (nice name btw).