return objectives

Can someone please explain the different return objectives (total return, capital preservation, capital appreciation) and which types of investors go with each. It seems like a simple concept but it keeps tripping me up in the practice tests. Thanks

i think of it this way… capital preservation-protecting the purchasing power-matchin return with inflation. capital appreciation-to cross over the inflation and get a capital gain. total return-to have a return in terms of a capital gain as well as reinvestment of the periodic payments. capital preservation and total return are more for people who have short term horizon and liquidity needs. eg. retirees or someone who wants to supplement his/her current expenditures with portfolio returns cause other incomes are not enough. capital appreciation is for people who have a long term horizon. some 1 like a college going guy or a man with a good job capable of taking risk and does not need his portfolio returns for his daily expenditures. i think dats all i can accumulate…read it few weeks back…correct me if i am wrong…!! cheers