reuse schweser 09 material ?

Folks, would it make sense to reuse the schweser 09 materials. i had ordered their premium package. if not, which one should i go for schweser 10 materials which i wll get for $500 (after the 50% discount) or stalla 10 materials for peter olinto for $1000. i am having a tough time deciding. also, in how many sections does Peter Olinto feature in the L2 Stalla videos for 2010?

I compared all LOS’s, there aren’t too many changes. Someone has also posted a comparison here, note that some LOSs have minor changes which would make them flash up as “changed” although the major idea they’re aiming for is unchanged: If you liked Schweser’s material I don’t see why you should change now.

thanks. appreciate your inputs. i cannot afford buying either schweser or stalla. however i just dont want to repent after june just because i tried to save some bucks :slight_smile:

You could want to repurchase the Qbank, for instance, since the one you had is no longer accessible.