Revealing Results to Coworkers

Have you told your boss? Co-workers? Or just close friends? I got my pass, and told a few good buddies at work. Didn’t really make a big fuzz. Boss is away and I don’t feel like emailing him my results. Don’t want people think i’m gloating or anything.

I told my boss and direct colleagues. They congratulated me on passing.

Already bought donuts.

posted in facebook… and colleagues knew it from facebook!!

Told a few folks at work and did the obligatory Facebook post to get the higher kudos volume from people who don’t know what the CFA means. My wife tried to bring cupcakes to my office; I dissuaded her. We have a ton of charterholders here so I’m not breaking any new ground.

your wife is adorable!..I would know

Alladin Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > your wife is adorable!..I would know Wow, classy. Next up – a mom joke? Go away.

haha just kidding! congrats on your pass!

no it’s at night in hong kong but i guess i wont tell them anything cox im planning to leave this f__king company

lol so much anger PierrePpp!!..what company are you working for?

hahah it’s just a normal accounting firm but i have had enough with accounting

My boss was first to know, but he sits right across from me, so it took zero effort other than to shout the word “PASS!” once I opened the e-mail. I then jogged (yes really, jogged) over to the other person on my floor who knew I was waiting for results. Because I am a loser and being done with these exams is an awesome feeling.