Review and mocks dilemma

Level II candidate query

posted this on level 2 forum as well,hoping level 3 folks would help.

Currently reviewing Equity . my method is read highlighted areas from notes and those marked in first read as weak areas.Then practice questions and CFAI EOC. My dilemma is this

Reviewing is necessary because retention from first read is not good enough but review is taking too long. taking mocks right away wont do for me as i am not fully prepared. mocks may very well highlight my weak areas but mocks don’t cover the entire syllabus and i may end up missing areas which i maybe weak in but not covered in mocks.

I have planned to finish review by May 12th and do nothing but mocks and more practice questions thereafter but at current pace, i will have FI, Alt and PM left for review on 12th may. PM is a pain in the neck for me. the other 2 are manageable. i work full time and leave applied for a week but status pending.

my dilemma/query is this

1.should i speed up review and sacrifice effectiveness of review a little and then start mocks full time from 13th may as planned and review weak areas that the mocks highlight and give more mocks so more of the curriculum is covered?

  1. review the 3 left over topics and start mocks a week later?

  2. which mocks are more representative of the exams after CFAI mocks?

Mocks that i have/plan to have

  1. CFAI mock -1.

  2. finquiz mocks -3

  3. Elan mocks - 2

4.Schweser practice exams -6

Total 12 mocks

yeah too many mocks to complete in the given time frame.

Hey Confused,

I think we’re all in a similar situation as you… Not that I know any better on what to do… but if I were you, I would hurry up the rest of the review, and do EOC questions the second time around… and then start doing the mocks.

As for my plans, I read schweser twice (I couldn’t get myself to read the CFAI books this year… hope it doesn’t come back to bite me in the a**) The second time around, I focused on taking notes which I was able to get done about a week ago. I’m now in the process of doing EOC questions from CFAI (I’m hoping to get through it twice by early May) then I’m going to spend rest of the time doing the mocks.

Good luck!

Hi Confused, Considering you have so many mocks/practice exams to work with, I would just jump right into the questions now. You might be not ready for them right now, but doing 1 or 2 practice exams will not only highlight your weak areas, it will also give you a sense of what the test is all about. The major difference between level 1 & 2 is the way questions are asked, so you will have to train your brain to think like the questioner. Hope this helps. =)

between 3 asset classes , ( direct real estate , 7 Year Corp Mortgage Backed Securities , 10 Year Home Mortgage Backed Securities ) , which one would be NOT appropriate if:

The economy was slowing from a peak and short term rates are predicted to drop soon.

My 2 cents say 10 year. Longer duration and interest rates are not going your way.

Go straight to mock exams but also do the end of book questions for the chapters you didn’t get to as an idea of calc/text mix, what they have asked a couple of times to drill into you (and focus on) and the types of answers they want.

The last chapter of book 6 is useless.

personally, I read schweser twice and did schweser eoc questions twice. I did not do any exams, i ran out of time! (definately not recommend this, i was lucky). But i knew the material farily solid and doing schweser eoc twice could be considered as sort of achieving the same thing as exam practice although in many respects it is very different but i still had some practice is my point.

I think i did do ethics from cfa text and also eoc questions for ethics from cfa text. again long time ago so i do not remember exactly. also do try and brush up on your fra stuff a few days before the exam. that fra stuff tends to escape you in last moments. (maybe have a look at ethics again) i did review it and i think it helped on exam.

imo you definately need to complete a solid review before attempting exams. 2 weeks for exams are more then enough.

12 mocks is overkill considering time you have and what most people do. If you can finish 6 schweser exams and cfa mock and had a solid review completed first, you should be fine. Again this is my opinion other may differ and everyone has their own style of studying etc.