Review Approach for Econ

I was just wondering how people are approaching review for Economics. There aren’t any practice problems at the end of the chapters, and not really any problems to work through in the main part of the text. Right now I’m planning on reviewing vocabulary, but does anyone have any good recommendations to test yourself? Any advice from retakers would be especially appreciated.

pretty sure there are EOCs, just not full ones. Triangular arb/covered int arb/cross rate conversions etc are important…

I downloaded an app for my phone with a q-bank and a lot of the econ questions are basesd on the major relationships like: -PPP (absolute and relative) -IRP (covered and uncovered)/Fisher Relation -Forward rates/expected forward rates -calculating cross rates -Balance of payments account -International trade (ie. theory of comparative advantage, government restrictions on imports/exports) …and maybe some other ones I’m forgetting. I would just go through the LOS’s and type up a word document and approach each LOS as a prompt for a short essay question. Any LOS you don’t feel comfortable taking at least a paragraph to talk about could serve as a good starting point for review.