Review Course decisions

I am trying to decide if I should take one of the reveiw courses. I failed level 2 once, (I had lots of personal things get in the way, like a baby 7 weeks before the exam). I did pretty darn good job on level 2 the sencond time around, but I also went to the Schweser Windsor Week last year.

To date - I have just completed volumes 1 - 4 of the CFAI reading, so I actually feel OK for where I am. Because of work conflicts I cannot go to Windsor this year which leaves me what I see as the following choices -

Go to Marc LeFebvre’s 4 day bootcamp in Boston April 23rd. This would cost me probably $2300 in total, plus I’d have to fly from the west coast.

Go to Marc’s San Francisco 4 day boot camp May 14th. This would be about $1900 (cheaper flight and 1 less night hotel)

Go to Schweser’s 3 day workshop in San Francisco by Robert Atra for $1150 (anyone know about him?? )

Don’t do any of them - study real hard, and buy myself a $2300 TV when (hopefully not if) I get my charter

Study hard. Do EOC & BB twice, 6-8 mocks. If you understand every single questions and can answer them in a precise and timely manner, you will pass.