Review L1 or dive into L2?

What’s the consensus? I did well on the L1 (all sections execpt Econ 70+) but felt weak in derivs. Is there any value to reviewing some of the L1 stuff for the next month than diving into the L2 or should I start reviewing the L2 stuff right away?

dive right into lvl II, check back for lvl 1 reference when needed

yeah…perhaps start with ethics as many of it overlaps with level 1…

@ Gecko Maybe you can go through Schweser Level 1 Refresher … Its intended for L 2 candidates but I find it useful to read it before the exam for L 1

Go into level II direct. Material itself here MASSIVE !!

Review spot rates. that’s about it from L1 i think.

Thanks for the advice all!

Never use schweser for ethics in level 2 :slight_smile: … it messed up my schedule when i felt that im unprepared after hitting CFAI EOC … just use CFAI books for ethics and if you can and have the time and guts, use CFAI only .

lol review level I… I am studying for Level III know and if you ask me a Level I or II question there is a good chance I don’t know the answer…even though I aced them The fact is, you will remember what you use in your work and the rest you going to forget it if you review it 200 times… Move on, pass these exams and then later you can go back and review anything you need for your work. Or actually get you some other books because CFA does not really go into great details in anything. So you cant call yourself a derivatives expert or a coorporate finance expert…

The Level II Curriculum starts with a good introduction/background. So it will not be too bad if you start Level II right away.