Review Methods

I finished reading/note-taking last week and took a practice exam on Saturday. At this point I’m continuing to take practice exams and review weak areas. I can’t help shake the feeling that I could be doing more, but I really can’t think of anything. Anyone have a good review tactic or method they find effective?

My father once told me that simply going to the driving range and hitting as many balls as possible is pointless. Relax, stick to your gameplan and do not hurry through your review period…you wouldn’t want to get burnt out before the big day.

Review concepts, do practice questions and hope for the best.

Yeah, good points. I’ve got the Schweser q-bank, but the questions really aren’t as hard as what I remember from the test last year. Either way, I’m looking forward to sweating out all of the details with you guys for the next couple weeks…s/b fun.