Review of Elan & Schweser mock exams for level 1?

Hello all,

I am primarily studying with Elan/Wiley materials + CFAI books (used mainly for blue box examples and EOC). I know it is ‘early’ to ask this but I have been reading that for level 1 we should be doing 4-5 exams. Some chartholders even recommended more practice exams. That being said, I should be getting 3 practice exams from Elan/Wiley and the 1 CFAI mock exam (brings the total to 4). I may then purchase one of the Schweser mock packages (includes 3 exams) - assuming I go this route this would bring the total to 7.

Any feedback on the Elan mocks VS Schweser mocks? Also, is there a difference betweeen the Schweser mock package 1 vs Schweser mock package 2?

I should **hopefully** have the last 3 weeks before the exam off from work. Want to pass this exam badly…

Hi, For those who just completed level 1 in December 2014, please let me know your feedback on the above. I’ve heard the schweser package 2 mocks are not worth it as they are too mechanical. What about package 1 mock exams? Just looking for extra practice mocks beyond CFAI and Elan.


I passed level 1 Dec 2014 and made this. I have a full-time job finance related.

All readings from Schweser 2014 (no chapter skipped, Q bank 2014 around 3,000 questions answered. EOC of each single chapter of Schweser and CFAI curriculum. Made 2 mock exams (6-hour each you know) and 1 online CFA mock from candidate resources. I studied about 6.5 months included in that time a little review and mocks.

At the beggining of the road I got 13 mock exams to solve, but learned that is too much, with 3 mocks and an adequate studying and practicing is enough. The schweser packages 1 and 2 are the same in terms of difficulty and objetives, choose any. I didnt use Elan books, only some videos from Elan on youtube.