review of Konvexity exam review tools

First off, I’m a retaker in the United States with no relation to India or the creater of the site.

I was first interested in the site because the price seemed very reasonable $30 for over 1000 vingette style questions, in topic based test format…

I cant say enough good things about Konvexity… The questions are VERY hard, harder than anything on the CFA exam IMO but the idea here is that if you can answer these… anything on the actualy exam will seem easy… The creator seems to make each vingette drill down one focused topic.

for example… a vingette about Pension accounting has you extrapolate the next years funded status with missing information from (this year) with (last years) info… this type of question takes a long time and would not be appropriate for the actual exam given the time constraints…,BUT the point is that you really learn the core curriculum… Every vingette from all the topics forces you to really understand the significant testable material. The vingettes are focused on “important” LOSs, Kaplan tends to throw in a softball. There are no easy questions in the Konvexity practice tests.

Good job to the creator and I wouldnt be suprised if the competitors steal some of the ideas…

I am totally agreee with you that Konvexity questions are pretty hard…

I used to get around 60% in his exams. And i got 70+ in 8 subejcts.

So unless you are below 55% in konvexity exams, no need to worry yes

Hi Vicky,

Could you please advise how u had prepared the Pension ( FRA )as it is more confusing…

Bro - I purchased elan video for pension and intercorporate investment

I bought the Konvexity dual package for sectional tests and mocks too…I’ve been pretty impressed. As mentioned the questions are trickier than Schweser etc but in a way that is useful (unlike Finquiz - man they just make their mocks difficult in the least helpful way).

I’ve emailed the info team at Konvexity a couple of time and they are always super quick to respond too.

I’m UK based so have no connections with these fellas, just thought they are worth a plug.

S666 would you say that Finquiz is less helpful than Schweser?

I used a couple of Finquiz mocks for level 1 and thought they were half decent - and when they put out an offer of 6 L2 mocks for $25 I thought I was onto a winner.

But after going through the first 1 and a half mocks I’ve come to realise that although they are definitely tougher than most all other mock providers (which CAN be a good thing as when you go back to “easier” questions they are …well…easier), they are difficult in a way that I just don’t find helpful.

Instead of testing the “big” concepts, they tend to try to trick you question after question, and spend a lot of time testing things in an obfuscated way, along with testing a lot of minutiae.

This meant that when I got a question wrong and reviewed it, instead of thinking “great I’ve just plugged a gapo in my knowledge for future reference” I found myself reading the answer and thinking “WTF I could read the curriculum for years and never come across that tiny detail in another question”.

Anyhow, to summarise - I would say Finquiz have shot themselves in the foot by testing the material in such a left-field, unhelpful way.

Well I’m going to take the CFAI mock this weekend. Based on your reply if I don’t get above a 70 then I’ll get some Konvexity. Thanks.