Review time - plans

Hi guys,

I’m done with taking notes, doing EOC Schweser + CFAI questions.

Today, I started to take a look at quant again…dammit! I didn’t remember the formulas and the stuff I need to memorize (talking about serial correlation -> how to detect it and what to do about it, etc.) for this topic. I started to work on a seperate formula sheet for each SS (I wrote down the formulas in my notes though) and will work through the questions I marked wrong during my first walk through the material.

After that I plan on doing the quant section on a practice exam and take notes again on the stuff I got wrong.

I will repeat this process for every section and after that do whole mock exams. I hope to have at least 4 weeks to do so.

What are youre steps to reinforce the learned material and prepare for the final day? Do you have another suggestion for my plan to make it more efficient?

Thanks in advance!

I just study out of the CFAI material.

Done 1 read through, and have 2 SS’s left of doing all the EOC questions.

I haven’t touched Ethics, I found on the 1st exam reading it months prior didn’t help, so I’ll do my first read through next week once I’ve completed all the EOC questions and then again a week prior to the exam.

Will be doing the complete Mock exam April 21st, and will then review focusing on my weakest materials from the exam. Then I’m doing the Boston Mock that the CFA Society is holding (different then the CFAI Mock) on May 5th. I’m trying to prep for that as if it was the read exam, which gives me a month to review anything I need to after that.

Now that I’m on the 17th SS, I find if I go back to Quant or earlier units and try to do EOC Q’s I can’t remember anything, which is scaring me!