Review Tips

Hi everyone, I will be finishing the texts tomorrow, and will take the CFAI free mock this Monday. So far I have only used CFAI texts and some Schweser guides to study. Given I will only have 11 days to review, what do you recommend I use as my review strategy? I plan to purchase the CFAI sample tests. After I get my sample and mock results, should I try to get through Secret Sauce? Or review the CFAI texts and Schweser guides with focus on my weak areas? If both, in which order??? Most of you on this forum seem very prepared, or have at least done a lot of review by now, so I’m hoping you might have some advice. Thanks

Do a couple of mocks, analyze your mistakes and go through through the problem areas in the books.

i thought secret sauce wasted my time. it was not worth spending 2 full days in the last month of preparation, instead i had tried fixing the weak areas.

August2009, can you post your results. i’d be interested. i started CFAI text in January but i wasn’t happy. Be interested to see your approach

nicob - sure I will post my results if they are not too low, because then I might be too shy about it. :slight_smile: I started with Schweser, but since I do not have the Finance background, I found I was learning formulas only, but no concepts. I turned to CFAI texts, and was understanding the overall concepts a lot better. My guess is that if I score low, its not because of using CFAI, but rather because I’ve had so many unexpected and urgent distractions this year, and have not been able to study the material as much I’ve needed.

August2009; Normally I would recommend qbank, but with the limited time you are working with I would look into getting book 6 & 7 from schweser and just going hard on those practice exams. Your base should be 70% in a majority of the topic for Schweser book 2 and 75% for CFAI Mocks/Samples. I swear by the secret sauce, but again, may not be as useful for you. If you can somehow get your hands on a BSAS exam that is supposedly the closest and most accurate version of the actual exam for you to test your progress. Good luck.