I just finished reading all the stuff (rather late, I know). I will have a week off now for repetition. What do you guys think, should I stick to the CFAI weightings for review? I plan to review 5 days and use 2 day for questions/exams review. Do I need to allocate more time on specific topics than the weighting suggests? Thanks heaps… alex

With only a week left (and A LOT of review to do), I would definitely plan your studies according to the CFAI weightings. In your shoes, I would focus most of your efforts on practice questions where the answers are readily available. That way you can glance at the question and, if it doesn’t make sense right away, you won’t waste too much time trying to figure it out; instead, you have the solution right there. Hopefully that will enable you to quickly work through a similar problem next time it comes around. Good luck!