Hi Guys, I will be finishing my first pass of the material this week. I am afraid that i have forgotten the previous material. Have you been refreshing the past material along ? Thanks… Actually had anxiety today over this exam today

Yeah I’m getting nervous too. I’m hoping to be one all review and EOC on the 20th to just go back and do all EOC’s again and review for the next 14 days after that. (also have passmaster)

I have been using Stalla for my prep and my concern with passmaster is i feel they emphasize on calculations more and from the L1 experience, its mostly nuances… Trying to take a deep breath…

Yeah sometimes you have to stand back and look at the big picture. I can get so into it and so frustrated doing some long drawn out Stalla calculation question. But I think the concepts are going to be a big part of this test too. A lot of times on Passmaster now I find myself skipping all the calc questions and making sure I can nail the concept related ones.

I’ve finished with the curriculum today. Planning to start with the tests today after work. I do not look behind until I’m not readt with the whole material, than I start doing Q bank over all the material, doing revision at the same time for things I don’t remember. It worked for Level 1, I hope it will do the job for Level 2.

Stalla passmaster was bad for me last year because of the calculations and too much repetition…the same calculations show up in endless problems, wasted too much time on that.