Reviewing notes and making flash cards. What are you doing?

I got burnt out on Mocks last night so I’m switching it up.

Going to take the CFA 2013 Mock (PM) tomorrow. For now, just going over notes, and trying to review/ do practice questions on pretty much everything.

Going to just focus on CF/fra/equity for the next 3 days or so. Reading my notes, working EOCs, BBs, reworking mocks, practicing with note cards. I feel decent about every topic, so I figured I would really work on those three. Then my final 3 days will be high level review of all topics. Reading secret sauce, read through all of my notes, drilling down lists/formulas. I feel like I have enough time to dive into the details one last time on those first 3 topics. I want to save the last few days for review so that I remember everything I already know, if that makes sense. Don’t want to miss a question b/c I forgot some formula from alternatives b/c I spent so much on details from big subjects.

Don’t bother with flash cards, if you’re making them. If you already have them, keep hitting them. Flash cards are a long-term strategy, and it’s too late for them to work, I think. You’re better off writing down formulas or watching a video class again or something like that. Just my opinion.