revising vs practice questions

hi, can someone guide me please. I feel i am forgetting the material however I dont know which is the best way to go about it whether practice questions or revise the material ( reading concept chapters and secret sauce). I have been practicing questions as I went along with the material. I used mainly cfa material however i referred to schweser as well. I feel that with the cfa texts there was so much info that i cannot remember alot. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I would suggest that you focus on making your journey onwards as efficient as possible; thus, focus on EQUITY + FSA… master them, do questions day and night. then move to FI and Corporate finance… Keep it up buddy you’ll pull it through no worries!

Thanks much appreciated.

i guess usfi takes it for granted that as for ethics…you will sleep with it and wake with it… till 7th do you part

I contemplate the same issues wonder2008. Seems I could just keep reading forever and still not retain it all. It’s as though my brain has a certain capacity…new stuff comes in…and parts of what I read 2 weeks ago go out! There comes a point where you just need to put the books down and hit the practice exams with detailed debrief sessions. It’s a tough balance but there’s no substitute for seeing the material in exam question format. Better to make mistakes and learn from them now (by thoroughly debriefing) than on exam day.

My approach right now is to try and work thru as many practice questions as possible. I am going thru schweser exam sets…first i read thru the vignette, and try and determine what specifically is being tested. IF i feel its an area i am comfortable with i work thru the 6 questions. If its an area i am less comfortable with, i DON’T read the 6 questions, but instead go thru secret sauce/quick sheet for 10 mins or so, then go back to the 6 questions and attempt them. In either approach, I debrief online immediately, then re-review Secret Sauce/Quicksheet and in some cases go back to Schweser or CFAI texts. This is slow and methodical, but for me it really helps to reinforce mechanics of getting thru to the right answer and highlights specific items I am not remembering how to apply properly, and hopefully helps me fix those errors in my wee little brain.

Do pratice problems…then if you get the answer wrong, read up on that section. That’s what I’ve been doing, worked for Level 1 anyways.

so what are ur plans for the sample exam and the mock? when do you take them?

I think doing practice problems and exams is the best at this point. Once you’ve been tested on a certain concept or equation, you’re less likey to forget it. I’m having the same problem too. I’m already forgetting what I reviewed just 2 weeks ago. So no more review for me.