Revision suggestions!

I have just about started revising but trying to do the EOCs again is taking forever. I want to start with the mocks but the retention on topics I studied 2-3 months back is pretty low.

Am wondering if anyone else has faced a similar problem, and what are the suggestions to maximise the time lift in terms of revising and retaining as much info as possible. I have taken almost all day to revise one reading, obviously cannot afford the same speed going forward …

Read faster. I’m on my third pass though and I’m practicially skimming, only reading the points that I don’t remember or seem important. Also, I do the EOC questions and blue boxes the next day, this forces you to remember the information, even if it’s just a day after, its reinforcing it.

In summary, I combine re-reading with t-1 review lag. Worked for the first 2 levels*

*Past results are no guarantee of future performance.

Third pass though… you’re a beast! How many hours are you at?

Definitely don’t feel like a beast, especially when it comes to my mock scores. I don’t know about the hours, I didn’t keep track, most of them have been reading on my commute.

I don’t think I’ll get to a third read at all - my challenge is to complete maximise the second read and stil have time to do some mocks/ item set questions … Have no option but to keep pushing and hope someone comes up with a suggestion which clicks!

do you have any flashcards or any other material besides the CFAI books? I am on my 3rd pass through (just started fixed income), hoping to be able to do a 4th and final pass through.

the key with retention is reviewing the material as many times as possible. you do NOT want to wake up and it’s June 2nd and you’re still reviewing Derivatives on your 2nd pass through.

I would recommend at thist point, skim/read your highlights/flashcards, review the BBs and do the majority of the EOCs (particularly the mult choice questions since this will help you drill down on some of the info)…then MOVE ON to the next section.

I would also recommend you map out how many hrs you are able to do between now and the time you want to do your FINAL review (i.e. from now until the last 10 days or so), then divide those hours for each section based on the % weight of each section (i.e. Derivatives roughly 8-10%, you have 30 hrs to study, so spend 3 hrs MAX reviewing Derivatives). this will help you mow through the material efficiently and in a timely fashion. again, you do NOT want to wake up a few days before the test and you’re still on your second pass through.

try to sprinkle in a mock exam over the next 2 weeks or so, then drill down on these the last week or two.

Thanks Junior - a lot of what you said makes sense. Let me try and get some sanity to my revision!

It’s so weird…at this time in L1 and L2…I could pretty much remember everything…here though I can’t remember squat…so weird

Skim EOCs, and note the most important formulas (like Inmplemantation shortfall, taxes, etc.)

Go through Schweser Exams by reading with understanding .

Then go to old mocks, with the same startegy.

Finally, go for the most recents mocks and do it as you would do in real exam, and review them.