Revision - using video cds

Hi, I have been working questions only and now I decided to switch to revision mode because I am not retaining some of the material. I thought of working questions after I have revised each study session. Is anyone using videos for revision + secret sauce? Any suggestions?

Secret Sauce is supposed to be good for revision, thought I have not used it yet for L2. But remember it being of great help at L1. Will keep it for the last week. Nevertheless I am subscribed to the ng30’s daily feed using the RSS notifier and get the gmail notification when that thread is updated

I just completed the video feed an hour or two ago. I did my second full revision that way. It worked out for me because I watched an hour during lunch and 1 hour after work. At the end of the day I would do the SS Test on the material I watched that day. There are pros and cons with this approach. Pros - it offers a different method for retention, it is passive learning so I do not think it is as exhaustive, and they simplify many concepts. Negatives - too narrow & shallow in scope, they are rushed, the presenters make small mistakes in wording, & there is a large time commitment. My overall opinion is that the video lectures waste too much time going over simple concepts that you may have committed to memory. I would recommend the Secret Sauce as an alternative. If you feel week in the area after having reviewed secret sauce you can always go to the CD’s, notes, or even CFA text for final reinforcement.

I’ve used secret sauce for level 1 and im using it now for level 2; let me tell you the level 2 secret sauce (in my opinion) is sadly a disappointment!

I use both videos and sauce. Sauce is not as good as it was at level 1. Maybe the problem is that details at level 2 are much more difficult to remember, analyze and understand. So a brief review was OK at level 1, but at level 2 I have to revise notes and sometimes check original curriculum. Videos are very helpful, however.

@ dinesh.sundrani Can you guide us what is ng30’s feed and how we can also subscribe it

Ohh… so sorry, I think you are new to the forum. I just come here to fool around, never go by my words. I have already figured out that I am not going to be able to make it for 2008, so there is no other good thing left to do. nj30 Saucy URL -------------------,697306 Just come here online, click this link and read the snippets.

Thanks dinesh…u r right i am new here…i failed L2 twice and i wish i could pass thsi time. thans for ur guidance and i wish for ur success…thanx and keep us guiding

I’m a big fan of the videos, while going over my handwritten chapter notes and looking at the secret sauce. I’m sooo sick of reading and reading and reading it helps to have a different mechanism to learn and try and retain.

No worries Naveed, ATB to you too!! I am relatively new here and always feel lost. My 1st Anniversary month is going on and will probably receive my moderator rights in some days.

I’m using the videos to refresh what I read in Jan/Feb/Mar and then doing exam questions after watching them…so far seems to be okay and I’m remembering what I learned already. I did panic yesterday and buy the Secret Sauce book.