Hey guys,

This post is clearly targeting the candidates ahead of me in their prep. Do 40 days suffice for revision and practice (tackle some solid practice questions & mocks) ? I started my Prep in early Feb, and with a full time job on the side, I fell short from my initial- ideal- schedule. I will require another 1.5-2 weeks to dust off the material (Wiley), and so I was hoping to get some feedback on the revision period. Should I try to step up my pace? or am I cruising just fine? Why I ask probably comes from the fact that my recollection is poor, I mean I know that I’ve mastered a certain topic, subject etc. however, 1-2 weeks later, the same topics seem like a familiar story haha, and tbh it is starting to worry me. Would really appreciate any feedback around your review progress. Besta Luck!