RGE Monitor?

Does anyone know the subscription cost of RGE Monitor? I have a call scheduled with an account manager next week but if it is ridiculously expensive, I don’t want to waste my time. I only imagine it is expensive since I can’t seem to find prices anywhere and the guy that called me today said an Account Manager would need to help me with a subscription. For anyone that does not know, RGE is the website run by Nouriel Roubin and his team of elves. http://www.rgemonitor.com/


Oh, haha. AF has everything… Thanks.

$10k?!? Not worth it unless your firm is paying for it.

Or if you are rich…

I read the latest publication, interesting stuff. Prediction -3.8% GDP for the US and an implosion in China.

TheAliMan Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Or if you are rich… If you are rich and not running your own fund I would say you are pissing money down your leg.

It’s actually $15k for the base package…I really like his stuff, but not sure if his insight is worth $15k per year.