RIA in Chicago

I am a portfolio manager for a small RIA in Chicago. We have AUM of roughly $100M. Is there anyone else on this message board who works at a similar shop?? I am looking for an opinion and to bounce a few ideas off of someone. If anyone is interested in speaking outside of this message board, please contact me at smiller3 at gmail.com. Thanks.

I work for an RIA in MI, a little more AUM but might be a similar shop.

RIA in MPLS, AUM $1,000M. What do you need an opinion on?

RIA NY - 200 aum

KJH- Where you at in Minneapolis?

There are a few items: 1) I am looking to outsource our Bond Portfolio. So I wondered if anyone knew of a bond desk in Chicago (or elsewhere) that they could recommend. 2) What research tools do you use? I currently use Reuters Trader and Advisory World, but am looking for other ideas. 3) Who do you clear trades through? Anyone familiar with TD Ameritrade’s platform?

Walleye, I’m in a small firm in Butler Square. Would rather not announce the name on here. Where are you at? Getting Out, Our firm deals with trust banks, HNW clients of independent brokers, and other pension type funds. It may be a different platform than what your RIA is. We use Factset for our reasearch tools. As far as outsourcing your bond Portfolio, we deal with Glenemede and FMA alot since we do not trade fixed income. We like FMA better.

Oh Yeah! Minneapolis is the new London. I once interviewed at a place across from the Fine Line and you had to walk through the Chicken n Waffles place to get there.

KJH, Interesting. I know some guys down there as well. I am on the west side of the cities at a HF.

Nice to meet you. Small world after all. Holdside, are you in MPLS still?


Thanks KJH. Do you know how much Factset costs on a monthly basis?

I feel like there would not be much competition in the finance mkt in MPLS

define “competition”.

Well I was thinking there are not as many candidates for jobs, but then I changed my mind, its all relative I guess, not many candidates probably not that many shops either. Not trying to offend, just a thought.

Probably not that much competition for housing in your parent’s basement, either.

FYI- Minneapolis is top 4 HF community in the US

See I learned something! No one likes a tough guy Holdside, I was simply asking about the job market in Minniapolis, now I know it is top 4 HF community in the US

And the guy who invented breathe right strips has a sweet place on Lake Minnetonka.

Learned something else new!!!