Rick Astley....

So Rick Astley has a 30% share in Pixar. Universal Studios approached him last year to buy the stake from him. So a couple of months after the initial approach Rick and his agents are going through the back catalogue of movies. So Rick is going through them one by one. He’s like, “OK, I’ll sell you Toy Story”, and “I’ll sell you Cars also and I think I’ll sell you Finding Nemo, but… . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I’m never gonna give you up”.

Oh god, I can’t get that song out of my head now. I’m even starting to have sporadic visions of the video. Please make it stop.

Me too. That song is legendary…one of the greatest 80s songs of all time. Love the video too.

I always think of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia whenever I hear that song.

Ouch… Doctor, doctor, I can’t stop singing ‘The Green, Green Grass of Home.’" “That sounds like Tom Jones Syndrome.” “Is it common?” The doctor says, “It’s Not Unusual.”

heh heh heh it never gets old! my mgr has never been rick rolled, think i’ll try it today

A penguin is driving in the Antarctic in his penguin-mobile when his engine starts making funny sounds. The car is sputtering and smoke is pouring out of the hood, so he pulls off the road and luckily coasts into a service station. A mechanic walks out and offers to run some diagnostics, which the penguin happily accepts. “It’s gonna be a while,” says the mechanic. “You might want to go grab coffee or something.” The penguin toddles across the road into a strip mall and gets an ice cream cone. He’s a penguin, of course, so he loves cold food. But he’s got useless penguin forearms, so he makes a mess of eating it. He tries to keep things neat, but after about twenty minutes he’s walking back to the service station with half the ice cream on his face. The mechanic is finishing as he arrives. He says, “I’ve found your problem. It looks like you blew a seal.” The penguin replies, “Oh no, I just had a little ice cream.”

heheh next time I’m on an interview and they ask “tell me a joke” I’ll be prepared!

Bump. For Sweep.

Who’s Rick Astley? It’d be nice if someone could link to something about him.