Rick Gleeson, head trader - Schweser exam

Ok, Schweser is trying to be funny in their V1 Exam #2 item set 19 when dealing with trading. Remember Nick Leeson? However, the way I forgot how to calculate effective spread is not funny.

When I was using Allen Resources materials for LI and II, there were Justin Timberpond, Christian Aguilera, Britney Spearson, and something like Mark Sosa and Sammy McGwire. Anyways, good luck to you all!!

In a vignette on currency risk management in Q-bank, there is mention of a country (I am forgetting the name) in Africa and it’s neighbor who threatens the first country of invading if blah blah blah. The name of the second country was Warmongeria.

CFAI book Study Session 17 in some of its examples repeated said to me “you are French” when clearly I’m not :-)…I was relieved to get to the examples where they said “you are an American”…not that there is anything wrong with the French but rather that it made me feel myself again.

just came across this in schweser mock 5 - Singapore based head trader, Rick Gleeson - ha ha