Rick & Morty

Any Rick and Morty Fans here?

Anyone here like this “beer” stuff?



I’m kind of a fan. I would be more of one if I had the time to watch it more.

Never heard of them.

Never watched it, and in general the fan base is pretty obnoxious so I tend not to want to watch it either. Im sure I might enjoy it, but I have this cousin who never shuts up about it and posts about it all the time its really annoying. Then on reddit they will just post stupid memes of the show and ruin topics its brutal, the fan base kills it for me. The amount of times I have heard the freaking mulan sauce brought up over the last 3 days has been enough to keep me away.

Yea fanbases are usually pretty atrocious lmao.

I’m a fan, watched all the episodes. This show threatens to have 9 seasons more, I hope it becomes true.

Did you watch the April 1st episode?

Yes, supposedly it was the episode 1 of season 3… wait a sec… april 1st? Damn LOL