Right after the exam what you did?

Right after the exam CFAI officer invited everybody to have a drink in Amsterdam exhibition cener. There were lots of wine and heineken for free. I have made plenty of valuable contacts with Dutch financial professionals. I hope if I pass L2 I can use these contacts to get the job in Holland. After the drink me and my friends went to the Amsterdam center where we smoked the dope. I really didnt like it as I experienced extreme anxiety. Maybe I shouldnt mix alcohol with the grass? Anyways I begged god to finish me feeling high. The next morning I waked up in my friends house in Germany 500km away from Amster though dont remember a shit. The exam was easier than mocks were though I messed up with derivatives (esp. swaps). Just wanna forget cfa till 18 Aug but hope will pass.

Got back to my hotel room and wathed Get Smart!!! How timely…

I went to a bar near Times Square, downed a few, went home and passed out on my bed.

had beer for the first time since march, went home, talked to my bud who took the exam in a different place AT THE SAME TIME and then went to bed and woke up empty without thinking about the CFA.

Left the second half at 3:45 and had met up with my dealer and went to the head shop and bought a new bong before 5:00. Felt pretty good about that.

Left the test, went to a bar, met up with my girlfriend, put $60 on Mine That Bird, lost, went to my apartment, hosted a party, woke up stuck to my couch with an empty house and lots of empty beer cans. That’s what I did in a nutshell.

Watched a foodball game and slept for 14 hours straight…

four shots of patron down by 5:30, fallowed by two amstels to take the pain away. nice dinner with the wife then passed out.

Hopped on a flight to Chicago, met up with my friends, and stayed out drinking and dancing until 6am. It was the most fun I’ve had in a year…and I’m still hungover.