Right below the passing score, power interruption during exam

almost touched that minimum passing score. i can live with that.

only thing that bothers me is that power went out during the exam for a good 15 mins. got past to almost half of the first session before that happened.

i know it’s a long stretch, but econ and quant are both my strongest suit AND I SCORED 50 ON BOTH! i could score 65-70 confidently during practice exams.

perhaps i just need clarity (or a slap in the face) - does this warrant a re-tabulation? i can live with my results - only that an external factor just happened this time around.

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Greetings friend, sorry to hear about this.

On my Level 2 CAIA exam the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate for some time right in the middle of the morning session. Apparently there was a cooking fire on a higher level. I couldn’t believe it but it happened. I feel your pain.

I guess regarding a re-tabulation, since it’s all multiple choice at Level 2, the issue is whether they misread your answers on the scanner/processor or whether your computer accurately processed your answers into their system. If there was no transcription error, then perhaps circumstances altered your concentration - but not your results.

Anyway good luck and surely you will pass next time! You got this👍

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this helps brother, probably hoping there was an offchance 20-30% of my answers weren’t there because the PC died. i was all set with dinner and all damn

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Hey Nick, Based on your result decription , I got pretty much the SAME score as you do, the score almost touching the minimum and surprisingly both ECON and QUANT are 50%…, the thing is those two are my stronger subjects…i seriously find it weird because when i walked out of exam room i feel less confident about the other subject and i score mostly above 70%, where as econ and quant is lower than expected, BTW i took the exam on Thursday, if that matters…

yup i even jumped back to my readings after the exam confident that i got 80 on both. can’t do nothing now. retaking this feb 2022. sucks how everybody on reddit had the same experience on that MPS line and haveing the same dismal results on the said topics.

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You got this buddy! Maybe also consider changing prep providers if you’re using Schweser. Sometimes you can score high on Schweser questions but they don’t carry over to CFA test level exactly, particularly after Level 1. And their formulas can sometimes take shortcuts based on “typical case” assumptions that the CFA exam questions might not have in them.

I don’t know if this relates to your surprise results, or if there was a computer glitch that caused them (definitely check to see if you have unanswered questions in your exam responses), but I am just throwing it out there if it can potentially help.

I love Chalk & Board but there are also great prep providers like Bill Campbell on AF (s2000magician) and Mark Meldrum for example, among others. On my Level 3 Schweser QuickSheet there were incorrect formulas that I would not even have known about except for Chalk & Board. If I only studied Schweser I would have gotten the wrong answers by memorizing the wrong formula setups. It was a spooky realization. It meant I would have also probably scored low on sections I was confident on, through no lack of study/memorization of the materials I trusted as accurate/sufficient.

Cheers buddy you definitely got this👍

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very good points man, agree schweser is concise but might be missing a few good points. will definitely check out s2000magician’s and MM.

enrolled just now – i really believe i killed it this time, got no prob doing this again. but 700USD is enough for a PS5. T_T

really, appreciate it thanks.

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