rim vs. apple

(nobody say nothing about the nekked girls on your blackberry) Rim just reported wsj headline grabbing earnings. I was doing some math to try to figure out which smartphone to buy: Blackberry Curve’s cost $99 at wirefly after rebate. A family plan with T-mobile is $59/month (that’s for 2 lines) and the data portion is an additional $20/month. So for $200 down and $100/month I can get 2 Curves with unlimited email/web for 2 years. The Samsung Blackjack 2 looks good and is only $20 on wirefly but it apparently only runs on AT&T. The monthly plan is a killer because of the data subscription ($40/month per phone). Then there’s apple… the family plan with unlimited data is only $109/month but the phones cost $400/each. Anyway… the 5% NPV for the 3 phones with 700 minutes per month and unlimited data is as follows: 2 Curves: $2548 2 iPhones $3350 2 Blackjack 2s: $3300 I guess that’s why rimm is doing good. I remember the rim guys saying that they like aaple’s product because it’s bringing attention to smartphones.

RIMM and Apple are attacking two different customers, RIMM the corporations and Apple the consumer…

I think a lot of consumers (like myself!) said “ok, a smartphone is interesting, what else is there other than apple?”

You are not like most consumers. RIMM will never be able to touch the sexiness of Apple, but they don’t need to b/c people in corporate America are addicted to the bberry. Bberry main feature is email, iphone main feature is entertainment

RIMM is all over the consumer/retail customers. Their Q2 conference call highlighted it, and now their Q3 CC did the same. It’s growing faster than corporate customers. Blackberries are 1000 times easier to use/navigate. The iPhone is just a statement…have you ever tried using the tiny touch-keyboard. It’s for 5yr olds and women with small fingers. It’s akward to hold too. Buy a blackberry, put aside your subscription fees upfront into RIMM stock, and it pays for itself in a year, plus a refund if they announce a dividend with their cash hoard.


i dont understand why other smartphones can’t match RIMM? Is it the software or the service? If its service then isn’t it dependent on the carrier?

Software, and their phones are easier to use. They were one of the first with email, and it’s their integration of everything…platforms and networking

With the money you save buying a curve you can buy an ipod touch. Stick a little velcro on the back and structure a merger. Ok, the dealbreaker question for me is this: is a RIM Curve phone on T-Mobile have faster download speed than an iPhone on Att’s Edge network? Or is it the same?

I personally see a lot more consumers/businesses in high growth telecom/consumer electronic markets (ie the BRIC, South Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe etc.) buying Blackberries and other cheaper brands of PC’s/Laptops rather than iPhones or iBook’s which as we all know are more targeted towards wealthier consumers and towards play (iPhone) vs work (Blackberry) iPod’s will likely sell well in these markets though, as there really is no credible alternative. Apple builds a hell of a product wherever they go it is true, but so does RIM, and their’s is cheaper!

I wouldn’t want to be rimmed. Apple all the way!