RIO 2016

How much you are excited about Rio Olympics 2016??

Can’t wait to see Ryan Lochte in the buff.

I am excited to see the gymnastics and that rowing lady who got to Olympics at 38!!

I’m looking forward to containing my excitement to the other thread already on the front page about the Olympics.

It’s a free country. We can have as many excitement threads as we want, esp considering that the other thread only focuses on putting down Brazil

Very well. I’ll use this thread to discuss how much ass America is going to kick. Especially after your countrymen are all banned in the major sports.

Silly ruskies.

Hey, how about those Mets?

Dude, you are being sensitive! That thread indeed was a ball of negativity.

Personally, I am looking forward to witness an amazing athleticism and don’t really care which country it’s coming from. People get wrapped up in al these scores, competitions, winning too much and miss the big picture.

A) I’m on far too many painkillers to be called sensitive today. I can’t even feel my face.

B) Competition is the spice of life. Sure, watching world-class athletes is rewarding in its own right, but most people want to see their country do well. I by do well I mean crush their friends and foes alike.

A) How come? Are you OK?

B) And as with any spice, a little bit tastes nice but put too much and you’ll ruin the dish. Not saying I won’t be glad to see BOTH American and Russian (heck and Ukrainian) teams win. But I don’t get the desire to dominate everything and everyone, and I’ll be equally happy to see rising stars from smaller countries kick a… and win medals.

C) We’ll probably never agree on that and that’s ok :slight_smile:

A) Broke a rib but now I’m just polishing off the bottle because I’m bored.

B) We agree in principle. I don’t watch the Olympics with an American flag draped around my body.

Ouch! How?

Get better soon!

Wakeboarding. Wasn’t even that bad of a spill. Just one of those things where I hit the water just right.

Yep. That’ll do it. Hang in there!

Shh, don’t say ribs around here. You will start another Big Green Egg thread.

8 hours of fapping, per that gym bros thread.

Awwww Brazil, you’re so cute with your budget opening ceremony. :slight_smile: KR… I’m really excited for the Olympics too. Very inspiring. …track, gymnastics, swimming, triathlon… I can’t wait! I’m glad I finally committed to a race. Looking forward to getting all wound up watching the competition and then hitting the track and seeing what I can drive out of myself. I’m going to crush that mile! .

Agree Olympics is awesome yay!

Canada is going to dominate! . . . . . Oh, there is a summer Olympics too? Do we compete in that? Is there floor hockey?

Excited for the races.