RIP Avicii


That “Levels” song was legit. RIP.

Avincii was great


And now Verne Troyer. Both to alcohol.

Perhaps when I’m sober I’ll reevaluate my life choices. Probably not but maybe…

no coincidences

RIP former first lady Avicii, known for roles such as Mini Me in Austin Powers.

And judge Harry T. Stone on television’s Night Court.

***** ******, what does it take people? WAKE THE **** UP

Avicii - For A Better Day


I’d never heard of this guy.

You’ve probably heard “broken arrows”. Pretty cool song.

Dude give it a rest Turd, do you really have to infiltrate every single thread with your nonsense? It’s really getting tiresome.

not really my jam but his songs were definitely catchy. RIP.


f all that. this is the best.

ish foonie

to do list:

to not give a fuck! that is all. hahaa