RIP Baker Mayfield

Sorry your NFL career didn’t go well.

Yeah, I hate seeing these guys go to teams that throw them to the lions behind a crap line. Same thing happened to Matt Stafford, smart money pulls an Eli Manning.

Darnold is the most overrated person in the draft, I’m amazed he went first round. I expected it but still.

Oh the pun!

Gotta feel sorry for Mayfield, although at least he’ll have a chance to develop behind Tyrod.

while mayfields attitude is nice for college football i always am skeptical of those guys at the nfl - it puts a target on your back & this isnt the big 12 - the defensive backs are all much bigger & stronger.

anywho i wish him best of luck hes certainly going to need it in Cleveland. i think lamar jackson @ 32 was a steal, he’ll get to develop behind flacco which should help

I don’t care for Mayfield, but Brown’s GM, John Dorsey, was the Chiefs GM for the last five years and drafted outstandingly talented guys. Really miss him in the war room. Not sure if the Cleveland Curse will override his eye for prospects…we’ll see.

I love Mayfield, he’s the real deal and I don’t see his antics as a problem. Pro sports are full of characters and a lot of them can separate the pros from D1.