RIP Hugh Hefner....the OG BSD

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RIP. Respect.

He was a dickhead. Good riddance

^ These man-hate, white-hate, attractive-women-hate clones are multiplying. Where are you people being manufactured?

“But he objectified wamen!!!” :sob:

It was funny watching the CNN folks this morning talking about him. He was a pretty big contributor to democratic politicians and supported gay rights (big pluses at CNN), but then there was the whole objectifying women thing.

soooo he goes to heaven and changes absolutely nothing…? maybe just a bit younger. damn he lived a good life


We owe a lot to this man. Before Playboy was published, things like oral sex did, obviously, happen but it was by no means common. The cartoon illustrations and candid interviews/articles published since the beginning of the their run helped to normalize sexual activity that was thought to be taboo at the time. So, if you’ve ever received a BJ, you should pay some respect to Hefner.

As to the whole objectifying women thing, it’s a matter of perspective. For the Rachel Maddow’s of the world (I actually have no idea on her views regarding this. I just hate her) they view Playboy as a way for men to view women as a piece of meat. For the women that posed for Playboy, many of them found in liberating - not to mention lucrative. Now it’s the porn industry. Some women on the outside think it’s crude and disgusting while many actresses stand up for their right to choose their own path knowing what they got themselves into with their eyes wide open.

KMD’s opinion would be relevant here.

The left’s “rulebook for who you should hate” is getting confusing.

You are supposed to be sexually explicit, push the boundaries, be extravagant, say “liberal stuff”, vote democrat, and give the cult your money. So was he a perfect party member? But women should not be good looking, because that makes the feminists look bad, and then that thing with guys looking at those hot women. “Argh we have to stop this sexism nowwww!”

It’s a ploy, Richard Madcow is a guy, he wants the hotties all for himself! :open_mouth:

i am dating a chick that wont give me head. i told my friends. and they all had a sad face. that was actually a lot more weird.

How those individuals feel about their own decisions is irrelevant, as they’ve been brainwashed by a sexist society and are victims. Showing attractive women nekkid, or even worse engaged in sexual acts, for the pleasure of men is wrong. Everyone knows that because it is a fact.

^ Are you trolling us? America is getting so weird, I can’t even tell anymore.

FTFY, only weirdos remaining are white folks like yourself and european scumbags

^ Sorry, your utopia will never arrive.

But I think your ban is getting closer! :+1:

Consider this your warning. Take the racism an insults down a notch or you’ll be banned.

For the record, you can insult me all you want and this has nothing to do with what you said in that other thread. You’ve become increasingly aggressive over the last couple days. Calm down or go away. Your choice.

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Belinda/Monkey, master trolls know how to bait. Cmon, don’t fall for such obvious ploys, newbie!

that’s a red flag right there that it’s time to jump ship :slight_smile:

"The major civilizing force in the world is not religion, it is sex." - HH