RIP Paul Ryan

Ryan will not seek re-election. How long ago did I tell you all he is done? How many dead-on calls are you willing to pass off as ‘coincidence’ before you finally admit reality???

Mark another one down for Turd.

it was rumored he was going to step down like 2 months ago and everyone seemed to accept it - he just denied it. the real reason all these repubs are stepping down is because if you lose a election like that you can kill any hopes for higher office away - and they are well aware of the tough election cycle ahead (being that trump is YUUUUGELY unpopular & that generally parties in power get slaughtered in midterms)

Haha, this is an amusing analysis. Turd had it over a year ago.

Big surprise. He doesn’t want to sit in the minority and defend Trump for the next two years while answering questions about pornstars and crooked taxi medallion investors. This is assuming he wins against a political novice as the sitting speaker (not a definite).

Or, he can go home to his family make a $1 million bucks a year as a bs consultant somewhere and wait for the entire Trump mess to go away. Then after a few years, when the kids are out of the house he can run for a bigger national office possibly President.

It’s clear he wanted out for a long time and Trump just expedited things. I’ll give him credit in staying the course to push through his tax plan (which was a Ryan plan through and through).