It sucks, but you can only feel so bad.

The guy had assault and battery charges, a felony hit and run, three arrests for theft (one of which lead to a police chase), and a pending hearing for a felony cocain possession charge. Ironically while being a law student. Anyhow, this was clearly an assassination. As we mentioned in the last gangland shooting article you posted, you live by the sword, you die by the sword. It’s age old. If you don’t want to get gunned down in the back of the head, don’t live that lifestyle and get tied to those people.

Geez, the guy was alive and trying to talk for at least two minutes, with half of his face shot off and unrecognizable. I cringe just imagining how that must have felt.

And to have people witness that too. Wow.

^ Yeah, the pics of the crime scene after were just terrible. I’ve heard of that happening pretty commonly in war situations where people are really majorly messed up and still stay with it for a few agonizing minutes. I read a WWII account where the soldier said the most shocking thing for him was growing up with early motion pictures and where people just get shot once and cleanly and quietly fall over dead, then transitioning to real life combat and seeing how remarkably and aganozingly long it took people to die in those situations. Pretty sad.

Ten years ago I would’ve saluted saying, “Good, let the garbage take care of the garbage and save us honorable taxpayers money from giving this person justice via court system.”

Today I’m alot more compassionate. I’m no saint and I’ve done awful things one in the same. Who am I to point my finger when my hands are far from clean. Perhaps it’s ignorantly optimistic of me, but I like to look at the good side of people. I believe that people are inherently good and that sometimes very good people get entangled with very bad things.

Also this nearly happened in my backyard. I walk by that circle rather often. I could have been a witness or an innocent bystander taking collateral damage.

If you get assassinated in broad daylight in front of hundreds of bystanders, it can only mean one of two things… you were famous OR you were involved in things that normal people aren’t.

Tell that to the guy who looked exactly like the Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

This wasn’t what I was saying at all. What I was stating was more of a simple equation. You live by the sword, you die by the sword. The RIP thread title just makes it sound like this is some unexpected and unavoidable tragedy. A guy who spent most of his life mixed up in garbage wound up being killed. Shocking.

It hardly seems worth the effort to rationalize hit and run drivers that are scoring felony cocain charges in their 30’s.

Anybody who’s lived in midtown has walked by Columbus Circle. He was shot from like six inches away one time, lets not get dramatic about the minute odds of getting involved in the collateral damage.

Anyhow, I have a feeling that cell phone is going to play a role in the procedings. Guy was texting as he was shot. Guy who shot him was passenger in a nearby vehicle that waited in that spot for him for approx 10 minutes. I’d bet large sums of money he was lured there via texts. Interesting that they chose probably the third busiest spot in NYC this time of year (Rockerfeller, Times Square, then Columbus Circle).

^ I agree. All I’m saying is it’s a shame. I don’t wish evil on anyone.

Some of us hope that people can be redeemed; some of us hope that people get what’s coming to them.

Some of us change our minds about what we hope for.

This thread is like a PT Anderson movie - no point.

(Huge exception for Boogie Nights. Still not much of a plot but the character development is flawless. Great movie. This thread is more like There Will Be Blood. I know I should feel something, but it’s just boring.)

I guarantee he was up to some shit to get killed like that.

He lost some peoples money in California. Probably a weed thing.