Rise and Shine

Let’s go peeps. I love the smell of portfolio management in the morning!

waca waca trying to close FI right now got 50 schweser pages to go. ive been slacking big time…

*yawn* fine. i’m up. doing john harris’s questions this AM (have last year’s stuff not this year’s unfortunately but still valuable). did the short answer ss5’s, going to start up the item sets in a few. if i do ss5, 6, and 7, this could take me all day. i think i need more coffee already.

I’m going to review FSA today too. Except I have John Harris’s questions :stuck_out_tongue: I’m going to spend the entire day review FSA i.e. doing all the questions over again. Then some Private Equity tonight if I still have the energy.

Hi all, Reviewing last reading of FSA today. I feel pretty good about the rest which is a plus. I have been all the materials and have been doing questions, but still don’t feel like I am even close to ready. Hey Bipolarboyboston, you have those questions online by any chance?

Guy, no I don’t, sorry. But most of his end of the question he just used from old CFA tests then probably made up a few questions himself. I don’t think his questions are the hardest (on a level of 1-10 with 10 being the hardest I think they are about a 6.5).

10 AM and i’m getting started… Trying to finish up derivatives today. Then only PM and Ethics to go before review

arghhh… forgot I have Corp Fin to do also… Has everyone else been through all the material already, or still taking first pass?

first pass for me, with derivatives and PM to go. hope to be done by late april.

About to Start Fixed income. I’m a few readings short of my first pass. I feel as if nothing is sticking (same thing I felt for L1). Hopefully I can finish FI, Deriv, PM rather quick so I can start review/Qbanking for half the month of April.

have you guys been doing cfai questions as part of your first pass? i have not started those and was wondering how much time it will take…

OK good to hear… looks like we are in the same boat. I haven’t seen anything to brain busting yet, just A LOT of material. Seems pretty similar to how I felt at L1. I don’t know about you guys but I don’t feel like L2 is all that much more difficult in terms of the rigor of material. Sure it is probably up a notch from L1, but I feel like it is more or less just building on what was taught at L1 (the basics), nothing to groundbreaking. The only caveat is that there is just a plethora of it. I almost feel like I am in better shape this time around because I did well on L1 (all >70%) and have a solid understanding of most all of that material. I’m definitely still going to be busting ass on this until June. I just hope I’m not being overly optimistic or confident.

At the moment I just can’t get my head around studying. I read over material and I’m constantly thinking: “I don’t care!”. Since the things that interest me I already know 80% of without really having to make an effort. I had it at Level I for FSA but now the feeling is quadrupled: I don’t care about all this accounting nonsense. Whether to use the all-current method or the temporal method. Then there is QM with the regression nonsense. I’m doing a lot of quant at work but never have to care about autocorrelation, unit roots and non-stationary variance. Just give me some equations and I’ll play ball but looking at t-tables or anything related to Durbin Watson just bores the hell out of me. Anyway, at least I know what I have to focus on but as always it are the most boring parts. So this week I’ll read through QM and when that’s done I’ll do FSA. When I get those sections in my head I’ll do a mock exam so I’ll know what other subjects need refreshing since I only read over those once. Then in May I should have a solid understanding of all concepts and be able to score at least 60%. Then it’s just doing a lot of questions to fill in gaps. Probably some more focus on FSA since everytime I read it nothing sticks because I really do not care. /end of rant