Risk a closer step to front office?

Trying to change course of career - hopefully all the way to front office - someone suggested to get into Risk first, anyone any suggestions? Thanks!!!

BTW, I am in finance IT, and passed level 2, got MBA, and MS in CS.

wow you have an MBA and CFA L2 and are having a hard time finding a front office position? is it that hard? what kind of front office jobs would you be interested in? IMO, you should apply for entry level front office jobs, as I think you have the credentials to do so…

I am an MBA and CFA L3 and I am having a tough time too. I can get Risk Mgmt and Business Analyst positions but equity research, Ibanking seem out of reach. Maybe I should move out of Toronto to NYC or BOS.

BTW, what kinds of positions are considered entry level front office?

Difficult, I don’t know why. What are you guys doing? Trying to consult with head hunters? Any suggestions? Thanks!