Risk Analyst- Feel Stagnation


I am in a bit of a perplexed situation here. Hope some of you can help.

I work as a risk analyst with a pension fund. This is my first risk job, I have a masters in finance and some performance management experience. Initially I was happy with the role, as I was new to risk. It has been 2 yrs almost and I feel I am stuck here- just churning out reports, some ad-hoc analysis etc. I definitely do not have the expertise to do the role of my manager (read she has a lot of experience and leads most of the new reporting and stuff).

What I am really looking for is- is this generally what this role is like? or is it because I am in a pension fund? or is it just me and must give it more time?

Truly appreciate your thoughts.

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many people feel the same way in a variety of roles… the idea would be to start looking for a new job, even if its the same role or function at a different firm, the environment may be more exciting/ challenging with more growth opportunities.

Gotta agree with dvictr. I’m a business analyst, my job description is basically “ad hoc analysis” so I figured it’d always be something new, and at first it was. Nowadays I’ve realized the ad hoc analysis is all the same, and I’m just spinning wheels. So yeah, as soon as you feel that way start looking for a new job. Evenutally you’ll find something you love, but that’s a large part of why people move around so much.

Thanks both of you for responding.

I agree, it is one of the major reasons why people move around. The trick is to figure out if moving around just after 2 years is bad on the CV. I am also not sure if I should really move into risk role in another firm or a new role altogether. At the moment, I am still trying to figure out if Risk is where I want to make a career in. Any thoughts on this? As in, what could my job be if I were to excel in risk- what would I do on a day to day say in 5 years if I continue in Risk.

Are you looking to get into more active investments? I have to think that would offer a faster and more diverse environment.

If the answer is yes, then I’d target some select shops, maybe even some banks you like. I’d also add if you’re mobile, relocation to another area might be a good idea. Even if the work is similar, getting somewhere new in an environment with more opportunity could be a good fit.


Thanks for your response.

Yes, I do want to move into active investments. I do not wish to relocate for a couple of years atleast. As I relocated only 2 years ago. I might keep my eyes open for risk roles in other banks- where eventually I can move into active investments- although I am not really sure that’s a cake walk in the current environment.

The first thing I have to get sorted out is- is it Risk or not?