Risk Free proxy for individual investor

Assume, you are an individual who wants to invest into the fin markets. Assuming, that buying treasuries is not affordable due to a small amount of funds available, and limited amount of money you can put to a bank account, with only prinicipal insured by the governement, which proxy would you use?


That investor could buy into a treasury etf so I’d still use treasury rate as the proxy.

SHY ETF isn’t bad

So let me get this straight–you have too much money to put into a bank account, yet you have too little money to invest in a treasury bond fund. Did I understand this correctly?

I think just take 3 month Libor or local market equivalent. Keep it simple.

Greenman72 actually yes. I’m in France and here the risk free bank account is limitted to 19,500 EUR, and you can have only one of it. Thanks guys for the comments

Certainly, You can’t afford to have too little money into treasuries. You can weigh both the situations and see if you can put money into Treasury or Bank account . Apart from this you can see other options also for investments according to your own suitability.