Risk Management - IP Breach

So I have a friend at a BB firm. I was prepping for an analyst role at a specific firm that focused on a specific niche. I texted my said friend who focused in this niche and asked if he could hook me up with some stuff so I could adequately prep. Not only did he send me a PDF of a recent report he wrote, but he also sent me the whole f’in Excel model forwarded from his personal mail with a prior forward from his work mail. Holy F I thought! I’m not sure this is all that kosher. Scott Patterson documented a well known breach of IP in his book Dark Pools. A firm rhyming with Golden Slacks went after the culprit with a vengeance demanding steep damages.

What safeguards are in place at your firm in regards to protecting proprietary models? Anyone have a story of a breach they can share?

My boy is convinced that what he did is no big deal. However, I’d be more careful if I were him. This is your time to shine Itera!

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I buid a lot of spreadsheets in my job. And I’m extremely paranoid about them getting into the wrong hands and blowing up on me! I think he should be a little more careful, as well

I document all my VBA code and password protect that ish.