which do you use at your work? do you rely on bloomberg, riskmetrics or an other provider? if so which do you find most sufficient? and most importantly, have you found that FRM material is closely aligned with the day-to-day of risk management? I am still in the quant section still but so far have seen little that i haven’t seen in other places, and little that is not basically very general (i.e. basic stats, regressions, etc…) i hope there is more substance in the curriculum further down the readings!! p.s. i can’t comment personally about the practice of risk management (or the relevance of the FRM material) as i am starting a new role as a junior PM in October which will also have a risk management focus, and doing this course as prep…

We use “Algorithmics” at the moment, and SimCorp Dimension. Data is being supplied by Bloomberg and some other providers. And the material does not closely allign with the day-to-day of risk management. On a normal day you crunch the numbers, but FRM does help understand what you are doing (the bigger picture) and why you are doing it.

^ thanks. also just to say that having gone into “valuation and risk models” book i have revised my opinion on the FRM material which I look on much more favorably now!