Risk management

Risk management is easier to get into these days. Is this a good way to get into buyside and eventually become a portfolio manager?

What I’ve heard is that Risk Management can be rewarding and tends to be intellectually stimulating, but if you want to be a portfolio manager, risk management risks putting you on a path that doesn’t end up going there. I have heard that some shops have more flexibility about moving between the two areas, but I don’t know which ones they are. People hiring for risk management tend to have their antennae out for people who want to do portfolio management instead because that affects how quickly they are going to jump ship and need to be replaced. Joey is in risk management though, and probably has some helpful things to say about it.

Do asset management require quantitative skills at all? I interviewed a couple of funds, their interview questions don’t require math skills.

Theoretically AM requires a lot of quantitative work and skills.