risk of common shares

The risk of common shares can be disaggregated into three components. Identify and briefly describe each of these three? If anyone can assist I will be much appreciative…It seem like I have searched everywhere and cannot even get a start. Thanks


Impatient much? Is this a Level I question? Where does it come from?

Its from a Financial Management past paper, but I do not have the answer and need it for review. Thx

Lively has been posting his homework problems over all the different forums. Last week they were extremely involved capital budgeting problems… problems that will not be tested in the L1 curriculum. Lively - For the thrid time… do your own homework.

Best post in a different forum then. This is the Level I CFA forum.

I am sorry but I do not know where else to turn too. You suggested that I should at least make an attempt which I am doing, as you can see by my recent posts. Can you suggest a different forum then? I am limited by my available resources.

No. People in this forum have an exam in less than 3 weeks. Please go away.

livelylatin This is people who are doing serious preparation for an examination in 20 days time. Maybe if you doing an assignment related to course work, go to the nearest library and hit the books. or maybe buy the books. If people have the wherewithal after Dec 1st, they might be willing to help you with your research. CP