risk of sampling from more than two populations??

Can somebody tell me when do we have that risk, and in what page from the CBOK I can find that? Thank You

End of Reading 10 I think?

could not find it, but thank you, I just want to know when do we have the risk of sampling from more than one population?

What do you exactly mean by the risk of sampling from 2 populations? Are you trying to compare the risk of 2 populations? Then the variances of samples from 2 populations need to be used and the F test statistic.

I am just saying I remember I read somewhere than when working on a sample there is a risk that you sample from a population that you don’t need (example being you want to take a sample o woman between 40-50 years old, so you have to be careful to sample to those specs). I just want to know how do we know there is a risk of sampling from another population that we dont need.

I can look into this and get back to you tomorrow.

thank you… if you get it its good, but dont spend too much time on that, I suppose its no that important…

Can’t find it. Sorry. Anyone else?

jajajaajajaajaj its ok beatthecfa but thank you for the effort.