Risk Ratios Excel Template?

Does anyone have an excel template they could make available that computes many of the standard risk and performance measures for portfolios (st dev., sharpe & information ratios, etc.)? Something where you just plug in the portfolio& BM monthly returns.

Between excel functions and basic finance knowledge you should be able to do this in 20 minutes. I don’t feel I’m bragging when I say I think I could do it drunk with one hand (and no mouse).

I agree, Excel was one of the better inventions, in my mind, and it’s amazing what all you can do within Excel!!! You must have a touch-screen if you can do it with one hand and no mouse! LOL =)

Just curious. I figured somebody may have something that involves more measures and is more comprehensive than something I’d put together to just grab a couple ratios. I figured if so, it might show me something interesting with other ratio, etc. that I wouldn’t have otherwise looked at.


Not to be a pen!shead, but lunch != free and I doubt anyone will simply give you a model or go through the trouble of creating one for you. Try to create one and if you run into problems, come back and ask questions. It should be a good learning experience.