As we await results, I thought about this moment when I went to the exam venue and saw a rainbow over the building. For some reason that calmed me down and I thought it would bring me luck and the gods will favor me with questions I know. This has now got me thinking on other random stuff I do, like always using the same pencil sharpener and never emptying the pencil shaves

Just wondering if any of you have any pre-exam or during-exam rituals? Maybe even a ritual before results are released?

Just get a good night’s sleep before the exam and arrive early at the exam center (at last 1 hour before the exam starts)

Should have used the same pencils that I used to pass Level1

no caffeine or stimulants the day before the exam (learned this the hard way after getting zero hours of sleep before Level 1 haha)

For Level 1, 2, and 3. I wear the exact same outfit.

No boom shakalaka, or personal experiments the night before.

Wore no underwear.




I disprove of your avatar.

On-topic, lots of self-gratification. I mean, lots.

There was a guy once who went commando at the exam hall. He walked to the bathroom during the exam. We discussed that he must of been thinking about formulas while standing at the urinal. He zipped up too quickly and caught himself. Apparently blood went everyone. Screams were heard coming out of the bathroom which was very distracting. This was further exacerbated by the ambulance siren and paramedics hauling him off. A news article mentioned he required 20 stitches. I was so furious for the distraction during the exam. I still passed, but I kind of feel bad for him now. I guess he wasn’t such a ‘dick’ after all. i never saw him at the exams again.

Same. After the exam, I even had the same dinner as I did for L1 and L2.

Do you like any Michael Lewis?

Sure, he tells a good story. Why do you ask?

I’m on a ketognic diet …


I listen to Iron Maiden’s Aces High on repeat the whole day before the exams

Oh I see, so you just didn’t like the movie? I thought it was very cheesy too. I like it more with every time I see it. I especially like the scene where they walk into S&P and the chick has the blackout glasses on because she just got eye surgery. I think the subtle jokes like that are actually missed by most.