Road to level III - positive vibes only

Hello everyone,

Congratulations on those who became new charterholders! What a great achievement and I am sure the celebrations will last for a few weeks.

I took level II in June and am very pleased to have cleared it. Signed up for level III and ordered my books.

Have to say that I am a bit disappointed (perhaps took it a bit too personal) with the comments in the thread “Is the CFA exam the toughest in the world”. Why would anyone belittle such a great achievement and the value of the charter as such? Surely the CFA journey is extremely tough? I am probably reading too much into it, don`t even know why I am that bothered by negative comments about the program. Anyway, I hope this thread will have positive vibes only :slight_smile:

Positivity, discipline, believe and sacrifice will be needed again for level III. I am very much looking forward to embarking upon this journey in September.