What are they exactly? What are the CFAI standards relating to them?

i guess like analyst conventions where you meet a company or learn about their industry… Pay your own ticket so you dont lose independence and objectivity… Probably shouldnt base recommendations solely on what you hear there

The main issue is to for Research Analysts to avoid becoming a part of IBanking roadshows for companies under their coverage.

"i guess like analyst conventions where you meet a company or learn about their industry… " Lol, not quite - they’re marketing shows, generally for an IPO or some other capital-raising initiative. A couple of investment bankers and an analyst tell you how great a company is and how you definitely need to invest in their equity (although they’re also used for debt alot as well). And there’s no cost for a roadshow, and they usually have decent food there.

Dreams-you are thinking of an analyst day. Road show is for IBs trying to pump up an IPO, or for a fund trying to raise money. So you get invited or they stop by, bringing nice food and drinks and telling you to get up on it.

lol… ok so i am clueless here… i guess i have been treating them like an investor day… dont let them pay for your travel maybe?? and dont base a recommendation on their unaudtied marketing pitch… Has worked for me so far

i think the big thing is that reasearch analysts shouldnt be there too if they cover that firm

Question concerning Roadshows Ethics, PM-Session Security Bank is servicing as a lead underwriter on Solution Ware^s IPO. Burton attends the meeting, which is led by thwo investment bankers and onfe software industry research analyst from Security Bank who covers Solution Ware. With respect to the Road Show meeting regarding public offering, of SolutionWare, did Security Bank comply with the requirements and recommendations of the cFA instiute Research objectivity standards? According to Requirement 4.0 Investment Banking of the CFA Institute Research Objectivity Standards, firms must prohibit communication between members of the research and investment banking divisions. Recommended compliance procedures for Requirement 4.0 include prohibiting analysts from participating in marketing road shows. ----> Therefore, while Security Bank complies with all of the requirements of the Standards, it does not comply with all of the recommendations. (Under Requirement 10.0 Disclosure, firms are required to disclose all conflicts of interest to which the firm or its covered employees are subject, including whether the firm engages in any investment banking or other corporate finance activities. Therefore, “publicly revealing” the relationship is not a violation of the client’s confidentiality.) HOW DOES IT COMPLY WITH THE REQUIREMENT IF THE ANALYST PARTICIPATES IN THE MARKETING ROAD SHOW? AND DO THEY HAVE TO FOLLOW THE RECOMMENDATIONS?