Roaring Kitty

Proud of my fellow Bostonian - shoutout to you man.

What has he cashed out so far? I’m too tired of the diamond hands ape rocket ship moon emojis to go digging through the cesspool.

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^ pretty much. I think he’s been cashing out along the way. Either way, guy made a lifetime fortune on that trade. Just read he’s a CFA charterholder, so if you think about it all makes sense now.

One article said 13 million

Do you think he can now claim superior returns?

Generally goes without saying, but 50k -> 50m earns that fundamental right. Ethics be damned.

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Biggest of ups to this legend.

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I think he’s totally covered on absolutely everything. His original trade thesis was documented with close to an hours worth of video explanation.

I hope he gets a job offer from citadel.

Although, he probably won’t take it.

It was never him who initiated the “don’t sell ayyyy lmao HODL and keep buying” rhetoric.

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He holds a lot of licenses:

Does he ever say to buy the stock? Or just what he’s doing?

What’s protocol on that?

Matt Levine wrote about this a few days ago. I don’t recall the conclusion but there are differences depending on the person presenting

there is a thread somewhere that discussed how much people would be willing their cfa charter for. a lot of people said yes to 500k. lol

Hahaha no way. I’d sell mine for a lot less.
IMO, the value of the Charter decreases significantly as you progress in your career. It helps you to get a leg up early in the career but once you have like 10yrs under your belt, Charter becomes quite useless, IMO.